Workshop on “Population and Sustainable Development” within the agenda of Southern Sociology Day 2022 at Dalat University

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To strengthen cooperation in research and education between the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of Dalat University and research and education units in the Southern region, the Central Highlands, and the whole country, on August 6, 2022, at Dalat University Central Library, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of Dalat University hosted the workshop on “Population and Sustainable Development” in the agenda of Southern Sociology Day 2022 – an annual activity of the Vietnam Sociological Association since 2008.

The workshop was held within the agenda of Southern Sociology Day 2022

The programme was attended by Dr. Mai Minh Nhat – Vice President of Dalat University, leaders of departments, faculties, and research institutes, and students of Dalat University. The workshop attracted many experts, managers, and researchers at universities and research institutes in Vietnam, as well as lecturers and students from sociology branches in the southern region. Specifically, the workshop was honored to have the presence of Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Minh, Chairman of the Vietnam Sociological Association; Prof. Dr. Dang Nguyen Anh, Vice President of Vietnam Sociological Association; and professors and experts of the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Sociological Association; professors, independent experts advising and consulting to open the Bachelor’s programme in Population and Development at the University; Representatives of the southern sociological branches; young scientists in the country interested in Population and Development.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Minh (left) and Dr. Mai Minh Nhat (right) gave a congratulatory speech for the workshop

Within the framework of Southern Sociology Day 2022, the workshop “Population and Sustainable Development” marked the initial success in education and research in the field of Population and Development of Dalat University – one of the first units in the country to have an education programme in this field. The content of the presentations at the workshop focused on the following aspects: (1) Research areas on Population and Development in Vietnam; (2) Current status, trends, and policy directions on population change in Vietnam; (3) Important highlights in the field of Population and Development in the document of the 13th Party Congress; (4) Two-way interaction of population structure and size and the economy; (5) Urbanisation and fertility issues in Vietnam. The presentations clearly showed the issues in the field of Population and Development in the local as well as the entire nation and clarified more solutions to ensure the sustainable development of the economy and the society.

Presentation on “Population change in Vietnam: Situation, trends and policy directions” by Prof. Dr. Dang Nguyen Anh – Vietnam Sociological Association

From the presentations at the workshop, the monograph “Population and sustainable development” will be synthesised, creating an initial basis for researchers, managers, and lecturers in management, teaching, and research in Population and Development. At the same time, the workshop also opened up many areas of cooperation, creating regional links in interdisciplinary education and research on Population and Development, Sociology, and Social Work in universities and research institutes in Vietnam.

The presentation “About the current direction of population and development research in our country” by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cu – Institute for Research on Population, Family, and Children

Besides the workshop programme, the event of Southern Sociology Day 2022 at Dalat University also included side activities such as booths displaying awards, works, and achievements of the units participating in the event; and the art show “Sociological Impressions 2022”.

Scientists and researchers attending the Conference

For more than 10 years of organisation, Southern Sociology Day has received great attention from the mass thanks to networking events and insightful discussions on sociological issues. Continuing that tradition, “Southern Sociology Day 2022” at Dalat University is a successful event with many diverse and meaningful activities, attracting the participation of many scholars and officials, and leaving many good impressions in the memory of the participants.

Delegates attending the Conference
Art performance on Southern Sociology Day 2022

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