Dalat University is ranked 30th among the best universities in Vietnam according to Webometrics rankings

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     Recently, according to the results of the second Webometrics ranking in 2022, which has just been released by Cybermetrics Labs (under the Spanish National Research Council), Dalat University was ranked 30th in the top 100 best universities in Vietnam at the moment.

     Specifically, Dalat University ranked 30/184 in Vietnam, up 12 places compared to the first ranking in 2022. In addition, Dalat University ranked 253/3941 in Southeast Asia and ranked 5664/12,000 worldwide.

The rankings were updated at the end of July 2022

   Webometrics is a ranking that evaluates the digital transformation capacity and the excellence of international publication on the Scopus system (a bibliographic database containing abstracts and citations of research articles) and Google Scholar (wide-ranging scholarly literature search) of higher education institutions worldwide.

    Ranking criteria include: 50% weighted Impact Index, which measures the spread of websites and digital resources of higher education institutions; The 40% weighted Excellence Index measures the top 10% of the most cited articles in Scopus’ 27 publishing areas; The Openness index has a weight of 10%, measuring the number of citations of the top 210 authors of higher education institutions on the Google Scholar system.

Dalat University has a spacious campus with a fresh atmosphere

    Dalat University (Dalat University – DLU) is a public university, established in 1976, as the successor to The Catholic University of Dalat, a higher education institution established in 1958. Located in the beautiful flower city, with a long tradition, Dalat University is increasingly affirming its position as a centre of education, research, and technology transfer of top quality in the Central Highlands region. Dalat University has an important place in the higher education system of the country.

    Currently, Dalat University has a team of highly qualified, ethical and dedicated lecturers and scientists. The total number of staff is nearly 500 people, of which 120 have Associate Professor title or have doctoral degree (account for 38% of the lecturers), 210 have Master’s degree. The scale of education is more than 11,000 domestic and international students and trainees, with 3 educational levels: Doctoral (6 programmes), Master’s (9 programmes) and Bachelor’s (41 programmes), belonging to three divisions: Natural Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics-Law-Tourism-Languages-Education.

    Dalat University has been recognised to meet the educational quality standards issued by the Minister of Education and Training and is an official member of the Southeast Asian Universities Quality Assurance Network (AUN). The University’s journal of science is one of the first six Vietnamese journals to be accepted into the Southeast Asian Citation Index (ACI).

Facilities meet the needs of teaching and learning

   In the context of higher education innovation, Dalat University has determined the strategic goals of the University, which are: To build the University to become a recognised quality education and research centre of the international and Vietnamese education system; To build the University in the direction of applied research, diversifying professions and education fields to meet social needs and serve the country’s socio-cultural and economic development, actively cooperate and integrate internationally; To mobilise collective intelligence inside and outside the University for the purpose of comprehensive development of Dalat University.

    To achieve that goal, the University is continuing to improve the quality of the staff, innovate educational programmes, teaching methods and assessment in the direction of meeting professional competency standards, helping students graduate with the ability to be proactive, creative, and well-adapted to social needs.

The educational programme keeps up with the trends and needs of society

   Webometrics ranking results are concrete evidence to confirm the quality of education and research of the University, and this is also the basis and motivation for Dalat University to continue to build and develop further in the near future.

    Ranking Link:  https://www.webometrics.info/en/Asia/Vietnam

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Translator: Nguyen Hoang Nam Phuong