Training on fire prevention and fighting at Dalat University

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In order to perform well the fire prevention and fighting work and raise awareness and responsibilities in fire prevention and fighting for staff, on July 29, Dalat University coordinated with the Lam Dong Province’s Fire and Rescue Police Department organize training on fire prevention and fighting skills and practice fire drill.

Staff of the University participated in the training

The training session aimed at propagating and disseminating knowledge of fire prevention and fighting and rescue for staff of the university and minimized the number of fires and damage caused by fire.

During the program, participants were provided with information about a number of large fires causing serious damage to people and property in the area as well as in the country recently. In addition, students are equipped with basic knowledge about fire prevention and fighting such as: Contents of some legal documents on fire prevention and fighting; causes of fire and explosion and some basic fire prevention and fighting measures at educational institutions; methods of checking fire safety and practicing fire drill at the unit; how to handle a situation when a fire or explosion occurs; guiding people to escape in a fire; Practical guide to using some initial fire fighting means…

Training how to use fire extinguishers

Dalat University has a large number of support staff, lecturers, and students, the university has many electrical equipment, archives of textbooks, documents, laboratories, etc. with high risk of fire and explosion. The training session is an opportunity for lecturers and support staff to improve their knowledge of fire prevention and fighting, proactively prevent and use fire fighting and rescue equipment and facilities in the area; be ready to respond in the event of a fire or explosion.

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