The Ministry of Education and Training organizes a training seminar for lecturers under Project 89

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(Lam Dong online) – In the morning of December 9, at Dalat University, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) organized a training seminar for lecturers under the Project of Capacity Building of Lecturers and Managers of higher education institutions to meet the requirements of fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education and training in the period of 2019-2030 (Project 89) in 2023. Attending the event were 150 delegates, including leaders and staff from the Higher Education Department (Ministry of Education and Training), managers of 141 higher education institutions nationwide and representatives of the US, French, Italian, and New Zealand embassies.

Seminar participants

Project 89 was born under Decision 89 dated January 18, 2019 of the Prime Minister with the goal of training doctoral degrees for about 10% of university lecturers, ensuring quality and reasonable structure; attracting at least 1,500 scientists and doctoral graduates to work at Vietnamese higher education institutions. Accordingly, the project strive to have 80% of the lecturers of the schools in the culture, arts, and physical training and sports sectors attain a master’s degree or higher. At the same time, the project aims to train university management skills for lecturers who are managers of higher education institutions and train some skills such as: developing educational programmes, foreign languages, computer skills, teaching methods, etc. for 100% of lecturers.

Some new points of Project 89 are: Higher education institutions are autonomous in selecting and sending lecturers to school, managing funds, monitoring the training process to the use of lecturers after graduation and reimbursing training costs (if any). Higher education institutions will be autonomous in enrollment and training organization (with 3% of domestic training) on the principle of sharing funds between the State and the training institution that appoints lecturers to participate in the Project. The selected foreign partners are in prestigious industries and in the top 500 higher institutions in the world rankings. The project also aims to increase the investment level for training at doctoral and master levels to meet the costs of training, research, practice, experiments, internships and publication of research results in prestigious journal in the region and in the world.

Representative of Higher Education Department evaluated the implementation results and noted new points in the implementation of Project 89.

In the implementation of Project 89, the Higher Education Department said that in 2021 and 2022, the national training results had 1,612 domestic and 881 foreign doctoral graduates. In the two years 2021 – 2022, people applying to study abroad at 34 countries, of which the most chosen country is Australia with 208 people, followed by Japan (88 people), France (75 people), Taiwan (71 people), England (67 people), etc.

The implementation process of Project 89 still has shortcomings and limitations such as: The implementation at some institution is still limited; low number of lecturers attending school in 2022; the work of guiding and supporting implementation at the institutions is sometimes not timely; the allocation of targets in 2022 is quite late, so there is not much time for institutions to organize recruitment, and for lecturers to register for school; candidate profiles of many institutions have not yet met the requirements; some institutions have not really invested in developing internal regulations and implementing them. In addition, institutions and candidates still face difficulties such as: Developing internal processes and implementing recruitment and selection of lecturers and especially lecturer trainer; guidance on making estimates; search for suitable schools and disciplines (TOP 500); contact professors; requirements for foreign languages while resources for training foreign languages are limited, etc.

The Higher Education Department also said that in 2023, the number of lecturers registered to study under Project 89 was 866 people, of which 399 people had doctoral degrees abroad (the most were in Australia and Western European countries), 434 people achieved a doctoral degree in Vietnam, 19 people went to a combined doctoral programme, 2 people had overseas an master’s degree and 12 people achieved a master’s degree in Vietnam. The most registered disciplines are mathematics and statistics, computers and information technology, engineering technology, engineering, production and processing, architecture and construction, agriculture, forestry and fishery, veterinary with 119 people and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, journalism and information, social services, tourism, hotels, sports, transportation services, environment and environmental protection with 108 People.

The Ministry of Education and Training directs a number of tasks such as: Announcing the number of people supported with training funding before January 15, 2023; registering training needs under the 2024 Project, the deadline is April 15, 2023; institutions sending lecturers to study urgently organize the selection of lecturers in 2023 according to the target allocated by the Ministry of Education and Training after January 15, 2023, paying special attention to the selection to ensure that learners are accepted by the training institution to attend school in 2023, etc.


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