History of establishment and development

1958-1975: Viện Đại học Đà Lạt (The University of Dalat) officially operated. It included four schools (faculties): the Pedagogy Centre, the College of Letters, the College of Science, and the School of Government and Business.

1976: Dalat University was established as the successor to Viện Đại học Đà Lạt (The University of Dalat).

1977-1989: Dalat University was one of four multidisciplinary universities focusing on basic science in Vietnam and offering educational programmes in the natural sciences and humanities, including mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, literature, and history.

1990-1997: Led in converting from a fixed-curriculum system to a credit-based system. Expanded the scale and diversity of educational disciplines, levels, and types.

1998 to present: Developed into a multidisciplinary university known as an established, reputable institution of higher education, scientific research, and technology transfer in the Central Highlands, the South-Central Coast, with an important position in the higher education system nationwide.

2030: Become a collegiate university with at least three member colleges. Become an excellent institution of higher education, scientific research, and community service in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Prioritize investment in educational programmes, including mathematics, natural science and technology, social sciences, humanities, education, business administration, finance, banking, tourism, law, and linguistics.