Functions, duties, and powers – Department of Facilities Management


Advise the President and be responsible for consulting, procurement, and management of facilities and equipment; participate in planning, repairing, upgrading, and building new facilities.

Duties and powers

1. Preparing investment projects and participating in the management of facilities according to assigned tasks.

2. Maintaining and repairing university facilities, machinery, and equipment according to regulations.

3. Coordinating with relevant units in inspecting, taking over, and putting new facilities into use, and repairing, renovating, and upgrading existing facilities.

4. Participating in land use planning according to the university’s master plan.

5. Coordinating with the Department of Finance and other units in planning the procurement of laboratory equipment and supplies, submitting the plans to the President for approval, and organizing their implementation.

6. Performing periodic inventories of assets and organizing the liquidation of unneeded fixed assets.

7. Coordinating with the Department of Finance and the Department of Personnel and Administration to ensure the security of the university’s boundaries according to current regulations.

8. Compiling documents and reporting at the request of the university.

9. Coordinating with functional units to perform tasks that arise during the operation of the university.

10. Performing other tasks assigned by the President.