Functions and duties of the Department of Research Affairs and International Relations

1. Functions

Advising, consulting, building, organising, implementing plans, and taking responsibility before the President for managing research affairs and international relations of the University.

2. Duties

a) Regarding research affairs:

  • Preside over the drafting and submittal to the President for promulgation of regulations on the management of research and technology development activities. Formulate plans and tasks for research and technology transfer by the university.
  • Based on the research budget, cooperate with the Department of Finance, and advise the President on the allocation of funds for research and technology deployment to each faculty.
  • Support participation by the units and individuals in research and technology development. At the same time, monitor and check the implementation of research plans, progress, and contents. Propose rewards for groups and individuals with research achievements, according to regulations.
  • Be responsible for organising seminars and academic activities by the University.
  • Manage intellectual property, support the registration by groups and individuals for protection of intellectual property and technology transfer rights.
  • Performing bookkeeping and statistical analyses of hours of research activities by individuals. Cooperate with the Department of Personnel and Administration to update and manage academic résumés of individuals. Provide documentation for the consideration of proposed awards of People’s Teacher and Meritorious Teacher, and for the titles of Professor, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer, and Senior Support Staff Member of the University.
  • Cooperate with the units to set up mechanisms and policies to establish and promote the role of research groups in fields of the University’s strengths. Expand external relations in the field of science and technology to receive sponsored scientific topics and projects.

b) Regarding international relations:

  • Preside over the drafting and submittal to the President for promulgation regulations on international cooperation. Develop international cooperation plans and tasks for the University.
  • Prepare and organise working sessions between the University Executive Board and foreign delegations. Discuss with partners, draft, and propose memorandums of understanding for members of the Executive Board to sign, monitoring the implementation of international cooperation programmes.
  • Act as a focal point and support the units in implementing international cooperation activities. Record the activities of incoming and outgoing groups; propose to receive and manage experts who come to the university to work; and report periodically on the status of international cooperation activities.
  • Cooperate with other units to organise conferences, seminars, exhibitions, exchanges, etc., with units with foreign members. Administer study abroad scholarship programmes.
  • Cooperate with and support units to set up joint training programmes with foreign partners. Cooperate in the admission and management of foreign students coming to the university to study.
  • Advise leaders on the approval and organisation of the awards of titles according to the regulations for foreign partners.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the University Executive Board.

Department of Research Affairs and International Relations