Functions and duties – Department of Personnel and Administration

Advising and assisting the President in organising and managing staff; consolidating and improving the effectiveness of the management apparatus, work regimes, and policies; and overseeing labour health and safety, emulation and reward, and security at the university.


  • Organisational tasks for personnel based on the guidelines and policies of the Party and the State.

– Research and propose plans to build and consolidate the entire management apparatus of the university, including the organisational structure and the functions, duties, and powers of the university departments;

– Organise and coordinate with departments to hire and manage a staff of good quality and high professional qualifications to meet the development needs of the university;

– Organise the recruitment of departmental staff and sign labour contracts to serve the educational, management, research, and technology deployment functions of the university;

– Organise training courses periodically for staff (both those under fixed-term contracts and those under probation) on various topics, including civil service, pedagogy, and higher education. Report to the Ministry of Education and Training on the number of qualified candidates to participate in the recruitment, and ask the Ministry for permission to set up a recruitment council and to organise a recruitment exam for the participating candidates.

– Coordinate with relevant departments to help the President establish annual staffing quotas based on departmental staff sizes and tasks for submission to the Ministry of Education and Training;

– Manage profiles and resumes of university staff; coordinate with relevant departments to understand the political history, ethical qualities, and professional capacity of each person; and advise the university administration on staffing and team planning;

– Manage and monitor university staff following the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and perform personnel procedures to send staff to work and study in Vietnam and abroad;

– Develop functions, duties, regulations, and rules for the units of the university; draft documents on personnel organisation to submit to the President for approval and promulgation.

  • Policy tasks

Comply with State regulations on regimes and policies for staff.

– Implement the review and approval of salaries, allowances, salary increases, and staff promotions according to the regulations of the Ministry and the State;

– Coordinate with relevant departments to monitor labour discipline at the university and to preside over the dissemination of new regulations and policies for staff;

– Preside over and organise the production of labour insurance booklets for staff, consider granting annual leave and unpaid leave, and carry out procedures for retirement, disability leave, severance, transfer, etc. for staff according to regulations;

– Coordinate with the Department of Finance to implement social insurance programmes for staff;

– Coordinate with the university’s trade union and the Department of Finance to submit proposals to the executive board for consideration to meet the development and construction requirements of the university;

– Coordinate with the Department of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and units to assess teaching quality and to invite staff from outside agencies to participate in teaching.

  • Emulation and commendation tasks

– Research, propose guidelines, perform tasks, and finalise the contents of emulation standards for the work environment of the university, and propose measures to promote the emulation movement among university staff;

– Coordinate with the trade union and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to summarise, disseminate, and apply experiences and initiatives in the emulation movement;

– Preside over and coordinate with other functional departments to prepare dossiers for consideration, approval, commendation, and disciplinary action against staff, and to submit the dossiers to the President for decisions on commendation and discipline;

– Implement emulations and commendations at the university by semester and school year based on the standards prescribed for emulation titles by the Ministry of Education and Training. Summarize the results of emulation reviews of the units and propose emulation titles for individuals and groups to submit to the Emulation, Commendation and Disciplinary Council of the university for consideration and inconclusion.

  • Security, order, and protection

– Organize security at the university entrance, manage patrols and guards, maintain a list of people staying overnight at the university, maintain order, protect university property, and create favourable conditions for guests who come for work;

– Develop plans for fighting fires and preventing fires and explosions. Organize and train fire-fighting teams and implement fire and explosion prevention measures at the university;

– Coordinate with relevant departments to examine the pedagogical environment and practice conditions, and perform experiment to determine the level of toxicity as a basis for management and repair proposals with appropriate insurance regime;

– Coordinate with related departments to understand the political history, religion, and party history of staff, and to manage staff resumes, including study, work, political, and scientific activities at the university.

Department of Personnel and Administration