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Party Committee, Board of Trustees, and Executive Board

  1. Party Committee
  2. Board of Trustees
  3. Executive Board

Functional Departments

  1. Department of Personnel and Administration
  2. Department of Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  3. Department of Politics and Student Services
  4. Department of Quality Assurance
  5. Department of Research Affairs and International Relations
  6. Department of Inspection and Legal Affairs
  7. Department of Finance
  8. Department of Facilities Management
  9. Department of Postgraduate Academic Affairs
  10. Department of Journalism and Communication


  1. Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  2. Faculty of Information Technology
  3. Faculty of Physics and Nuclear Engineering
  4. Faculty of Chemistry and Environment
  5. Faculty of Biology
  6. Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
  7. Faculty of Literature and History
  8. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  9. Faculty of Tourism
  10. Faculty of Law Studies
  11. Faculty of Foreign Languages
  12. Faculty of International Studies
  13. Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
  14. Faculty of Education
  15. Faculty of Philosophy
  16. Faculty of Physical Education


  1. Institute of Research and Hi-tech Application in Agriculture


  1. Centre for Information Technology
  2. Centre for Foreign Languages and Human Resource Development
  3. Centre for Entrepreneurship Facilitation
  4. Centre for Analysis and Testing