Dalat University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tropenbos Vietnam

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     With the desire to contribute to the protection and sustainable development of natural resources, serving the socio-economic development of the Central Highlands, especially in adapting to climate change,on the morning of July 28, 2022, at the meeting room of building A1, Dalat University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tropenbos Vietnam.

     Attending the signing ceremony, on the side of Dalat University, were the attendance of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tat Thang – Vice President, and leaders of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and Department of Research Affairs & International Relation. On the side of Tropenbos Vietnam, there was the presence of Mr. Tran Huu Nghi – Centre Director.

Leaders of the two units signed a Memorandum of Understanding

     Tropenbos Vietnam, which has been operating in Vietnam since 2001, is one of six research programmes of Tropenbos International (TBI) based in the Netherlands. The objective of the programme is to contribute to the improvement of policies, techniques and methods for the conservation and sustainable use of forest resources in Vietnam. In 2021, the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry of Dalat University collaborated and consulted for Tropenbos Vietnam in a project on biodiversity and climate resilience in landscape coffee shops in the Central Highlands. By 2022, Tropenbos Vietnam wishes to continue to cooperate more closely with Dalat University in research and application of research results in practice.

     After a period of discussion and agreement, Dalat University and Tropenbos Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the main contents including: (1) Researching, developing, proposing and implementing appropriate approaches and solutions in managing natural resources effectively and sustainably in response to climate change in the Central Highlands; (2) Cooperating in organising trainings, seminars, sharing experiences and technical documents on issues related to landscape access, sustainable resource management, livelihood development for local people; (3) Strengthening the participation and connection between the two parties, cooperating in publications related to resource management, development of sustainable livelihood models; (4) Connecting and exchanging in education and research through the form of domestic and foreign intern exchange.

Delagates at the signing ceremony

     With the goal of researching, building and developing models of effective and sustainable resource management related to landscape approach, landscape restoration, agroforestry, adaptation to climate change in the Central Highland. The two sides believe that this cooperation will contribute to the resources and strengths of the parties, help the two sides fulfill their goals and missions, increase the efficiency of the integrated management of resources and contribute to develop the livelihoods of households and communities in the Central Highlands, contributing to the sharing of knowledge, experience and achievements of both parties in sustainable resource use and management.

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Translator: Nguyen Hoang Nam Phuong