Closing and awarding ceremony of the 2022 Reading Culture Ambassador Contest

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On the afternoon of December 22, 2022, Dalat University Central Library held the closing ceremony of the 2022 Reading Culture Ambassador Contest and awarded 32 students with high results in the school-level preliminary round and two students who won prizes in the national final round.

The Reading Culture Ambassador Contest is one of the activities to implement the Project “Development of reading culture in the community until 2020, with orientation to 2030” approved by Decision No. 329/QD-TTg dated on March 15, 2017 of the Prime Minister. The contest is an activity to arouse interest and passion for reading in students; thereby encouraging and promoting the reading movement in the younger generation, forming reading habits and skills for students, an important factor contributing to the development of reading culture in schools and communities. The contest contributes to affirming the great position and role of reading culture in improving the internal resources of Vietnamese people, especially students, in accessing information and knowledge, contributing to raising people’s intellectual level, developing creativity, fostering personality and soul, forming a healthy lifestyle for the young generation, and promoting the building of a learning society.

The 2022 contest – the 4th year of the Competition – had the theme “Aspiration for the development of the country” and 2 rounds: the preliminary round organized by schools and the final round organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The preliminary round at Dalat University received 42 valid entries from students of 11 faculties in the University. The Organizing Committee has selected and awarded 32 prizes for good quality entries, including:

  • First prize: Ca Thuy Hoai Thuong (CHK44), Hua Huyen Trang (DPK43HQB)
  • Second prize: Pham Van Linh (QTK42), Truong Thi Kim Chau (AVK43A), Cao Minh Ngoc (TQK45), Nguyen Thị Hoa My (AVK42SP), Nguyen Thi Van Anh (AVK42SP)
  • Third prize: Le Thi Phuong Nga (QTK44B), Nguyen Hoang Nhat Khanh (QTK42), Nong Huyen My (QTK43B), Vu Pham Thao Uyen (LHK45D), Dinh Cong Tien (AVK45E), Le Nguyen Quynh Nhu (QHK45), Vo Thi Hanh (DPK43HQB), Vo Van Nghia (CSK43), Luu Huyen Trang (GTK44SPA), Nguyen Khoa Tam Nhu (AVK44SPA)
  • Consolation prizes: Duong Van Tu (CTK42), Ka Sa K’ Cuc (DLK44C), Nguyen Thi Phuong (KTK43), Su Kieu Diem Quy (LHK45C), Lam Thi Hao (AVK43C), Duong Van Khoi (CHK44), Duong Thi Cam Nhung ( DPK44HQA ), Nguyen Ngoc Hien (DPK45HQB), Do Van Duong (CSK43), Co Lieng K’ Gel (HHK45SP), Dang Thi Hong Minh (GTK44SPA), Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc (HHK45SP), Pham Hong Nhung (TNK43SP), Vu Thi Tan Binh (GTK45SPB), Le Thi Thu Ha (HNK44)

At the Final Round organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the contest attracted the participation of students from nearly 8,000 schools, colleges, universities and institutions across the country. In which, 1,364 entries submitted to the Final Round were the most outstanding products of the contestants, demonstrating the students’ intelligence, efforts, creativity, enthusiasm and love for books. As for the university sector, there were 28 colleges, universities and institutions across the country participating in the contest.

Dalat University has 10 entries competing in the Final Round. As a result, the School has one C prize and one consolation prize. This is the 4th year in a row that the University has students winning awards at the National level, including:

  1. Hua Huyen Trang, Class DPK43HQB, Faculty of International Studies – C Prize
  2. Ca Thuy Hoai Thuong, Class CHK44, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry – Consolation Prize.

Dalat University congratulated all students who participated and won prizes in the Contest. We hope you will continue to promote your love for books and spread your love of reading to the community.

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